Peter Greene reviews a statement from the Center for American Progress saying that there is a gender gap and the Common Core is sure to close it. How do they know? They don’t, but no reason not to continue the game of making sweeping claims. Who can disprove what cannot be proved? Next they will say Common Core cures the common cold. Can you prove that it doesn’t?

Greene writes:

“That’s it. That’s the whole argument. CCSS will raise everybody’s standards, so women (and, I guess, students of color) will just automatically be raised up to the level of white guys. Of course, that effect would theoretically work with literally any educational standards at all– so why didn’t the states (particularly those with super high standards rated by Fordham Institution as better than CCSS) already wipe out their own gender gaps? And how can rigorous education wipe out the pay gap when the pay gap, as CAP just said, is controlled for occupation? Will lady engineers suddenly be paid more because they have a Common Core seal of approval stamped upon them?

“This has to be one of the laziest arguments I have ever seen for pretty much anything. I guess it’s good that they didn’t print a special CCSS edition in pink for girls, but the implication that girls have been doing poorly because, well, it’s just that nobody asked them to do better– it’s somehow insulting to everybody. If CAP is going to try to score social justice points, they’re going to have to do much better than this.”