Our leaders, even President Obama, are paying attention to the rising volume of complaints about testing. Oh, dear, they say, there is too much testing. The opt out movement is growing. We must pledge to reduce the number of tests. We pledge! We promise! We won’t make 8-year-olds sit for seven or eight or nine hours of tests.

Sorry, I think it is time to turn up the volume. How about a five-year moratorium on standardized testing?

When they talk about fewer tests and better tests, it is just smoke in your eyes. As long as the tests are used to evaluate teachers and to rate students and label them, there are too many tests. Ask Arne if he will drop the federal imposition of test-based teacher evaluation. Ask him if he will drop VAM? If the answer is no, then opt out.

Don’t enrich Pearson. Enrich the curriculum with the arts.