Talk about cheek! Officials in Los Angeles created dysfunction at Jefferson High School by installing a computer system that screwed up student schedules, then blamed the teachers!

A judge ordered Superintendent John Deasy to fix the problems he had created at Jefferson, and Deasy hailed the decision as a victory for the students. This is Wonderland, when the people in charge wash their hands of all responsibility. And blame teachers.

Here is the best comment on the article:

Offred Gillead on October 14, 2014 8:32 am at 8:32 am said:
Normally I would come up with some sort of response but…

–but, I’m stumped.

Truly nothing is coming to me.

I’m just typing because I’m drawing a blank.

How does one respond to this?

Jefferson as a plane crash. That’s the analogy? A confluence of factors.

Okay. Well what ISN’T a plane crash? Name a single thing in the existence of the universe that ISN’T a confluence of factors?

Some days you just want to throw in the towel as a teacher when you see who is the pilot of this plane. I get on a plane and there’s John Deasy and Tommy Chang in the cockpit?

Sorry. Stewardess! I don’t want another seat! I want another airline! I want the FAA to be on it and not take the word of the drunken pilots!

Board of Ed!

Mayday! Mayday!

What will it take for you to see us circling helplessly? A Ukrainian Ground-to-air missile? Our pilots went to some Florida flight school (paid for by Eli Broad) and seem determined to ram this school system into some buildings and THEN blame the passengers! Didn’t the White House get the briefing earlier? Oh good God. The briefing went to Arne Duncan.

Teachers! Students! Parents!

IPads are where our parachutes should be.