Whatever your religious views, or if you have none at all, please pray for or send powerful thoughts for the healing and speedy recovery of our friend Karen Lewis.


Karen is in the hospital in Chicago following serious surgery. We will wait to hear the details of the surgery from those who speak on her behalf.


What we do know is that the surgery was serious and that Karen is resting comfortably.


I first met Karen in 2010, spent four hours talking at our first meeting, and came to have great respect for her vision, her intelligence, her compassion, and her courage.


In fighting against the forces of corporate reform that seek to destroy public education, Karen Lewis has been a model for all of us. She is a teacher. She has taught all of us how to organize from the ground up, how to rally resistance, how to live in truth and integrity.


She is my friend. I love her. I love her as a kind and strong human being. I love her for her work on behalf of others.


She is in my thoughts and prayers, as I hope she is in yours.