This curious story caught my eye as I was reading the business section of the New York Times yesterday. A man named Jesse Busk is suing Amazon because, after his 12-hour shift at its warehouse in Las Vegas, he was required to wait in line for a security screening along with other workers to see if they had stolen any goods. Busk maintained that he should be paid for the additional 25 minutes because it was a required part of his workday. His employer and other employers obviously were opposed to paying him for the extra time.

Mr. Busk has since been laid off. He said it was unfair not to be paid for the extra time after such a long day.

Two things got my attention in this story. First, I thought this country had long ago accepted that a man or woman should. Not work more than eight hours a day, forty hours a week. I was wrong. As I continued reading about the rationales for and against Mr. Busk’s contention, I discovered that the Obama administration was supporting employers, not the worker. Naturally, I found myself wondering what would Harry Truman or FDR or JFK have done. Which side would they be on.