Fortunately, I am on Angie Sullivan’s email list, which has scores of recipients. Most seem to be teachers, legislators, and journalists in Nevada. Angie keeps all of us up-to-date with education events in Nevada. We learned first from Angie that the public schools in Nevada are poorly funded. In fact, the Education Law Center says that Nevada has one of the most inequitable funding formulas in the nation. Angie also let me know about the Governor and Legislature’s grant of $1.3 billion in tax incentives to Tesla to build a battery factory in Nevada. And now she reports on an effort to portray Nevada as the one place in the nation where there is no controversy about the Common Core. Angie takes issue with that claim. She is a teacher.

Here is what a reformer says about common core in Nevada.

Here is what a Nevadan says about common core.

Angie Sullivan comments:

“Echo Chambers are dangerous things unless you earn money making them. I commented on the first article but the comments disappeared.

“Ask a teacher in a safe place what they really think – if you can handle the truth.”