Anthony Cody writes here about a new low in efforts to silence parents who oppose corporate reform.

Kathy Korte is a member of the Albuquerque school board who is active in an organization called Stand4KidsNM. This group has a Facebook page and a Twitter account. It opposes high-stakes testing and supports public schools. The group held a demonstration and invited political candidates from all parties. Only the Democrats showed.

A state legislator then filed a formal complaint with ten state attorney general, claiming that the group had violated state law and demanding that Stand4KidsNM register as a PAC.

But that wasn’t all.

As Cody writes, “But this is not the only effort to silence Korte. A nationally known GOP “opposition researcher” by the name of Tim Killeen put in a request in August for disclosure of “any and all emails and letters sent to APS board member Kathy Korte that discusses or mentions Stand4KidsNM.”

“Korte’s activities fall clearly in the realm of free speech and free association that is protected by the US Constitution. It is apparent that she has been made a target by politically powerful people, who have managed to cost her the job her family relies on.

“But the story will not end here. Korte has responded to the charge that she has violated state laws, and if there is any justice at all, this will be dismissed. She recently told the Santa Fe New Mexican,

“As a public official representing teachers, parents and citizens, and as a mother of four children impacted by public school policies, I have a right to speak my mind and I have a right to do it on FB [Facebook] and Twitter. I don’t deserve to be intimidated and harassed and my good character attacked by all these political hit women and hit men.”

The attacks on Korte and the group Stand4KidsNM are clearly an effort to frighten those who use social media to defend public schools. I urge anyone who lives in New Mexico and supports public education to join Stand4KidsNM. This is a time to show that you will not be intimidated, you will not back down.