The school board in Pittsburgh voted this week to reduce testing in K-5 by 50%. This is a huge win for children.

What this means is an additional 33 hours for learning, for recess, for all manner of things other than standardized testing.

Jessie Ramey, who blogs as Yinzercation, said:

“We scored a big victory in Pittsburgh last night! The school district and school board agreed to substantially reduce testing for students in grades K-5. The biggest winners are children in grades 3-5, where testing will be cut from 85.5 periods a year to 41.5 periods. At 45 minutes per period, that is 1,980 minutes of instructional time – or 33 hours of real learning time – that our children just got back in their lives.

“Thirty-three hours! And that’s just in test-taking. When tests are eliminated, students also gain back time that had been dedicated to test-prep, so there is a multiplier effect here, too.”