Bob Hardt, NY 1’s editorial director, wrote that Cuomo should grow up and act like a Governor, not a bully.

He was especially appalled by Cuomo’s behavior at the Labor Day parade, where he refused to shake Teachout’s hand and no matter how hard she tried to reach across to do so, Cuomo was surrounded by other officials and bodyguards determined to prevent a face-to-face encounter, or Heaven forbid, a handshake.

What the event showed is that Teachout has courage and dignity–she kept smiling no matter how many times she was pushed away–and Cuomo showed he is afraid of her. No class.

Hardt wrote:

Life really is like high school – it’s just that the stakes keep getting bigger.

After unsuccessfully going to court to try to stop tomorrow’s Democratic primary from happening, Governor Cuomo and his running mate, Kathy Hochul, pulled off their best King and Queen of the Prom behavior this weekend, pretending that their opponents, Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu, didn’t exist. Hochul got downright weird at the Labor Day parade in Manhattan on Saturday, when she literally turned her back on Teachout when she tried to shake her hand.

It was a symbolic moment that perfectly captured Cuomo’s response to dissatisfaction in the liberal wing of his party by just pretending that it isn’t there. After the primary, the governor plans on wooing (or is it Wu-ing?) those voters back when he faces the Republican-Conservative bugaboo of Rob Astorino in November.

But it’s not really smart or courageous by the governor to ignore members of his party who think he gave public employees the short end of the stick or want him to ban hydrofracking. Teachout and Wu aren’t the standard tinfoil-helmet-wearing minor candidates as much as Cuomo and Hochul want them to be. They’ve received numerous endorsements and are getting traction across the state. Why not explain why you think their ideas are out of step with the state rather than hide from them?

After The New York Times’ devastating article on the governor’s behavior surrounding his anti-corruption commission in which Cuomo’s team appeared thuggish, maybe it’s smart not for top Cuomo aide Joe Percoco not to look like he’s going to tackle Teachout at this weekend’s parade.

Bullying your way through the primary china shop will get you a messy win – but it’s not the most artful way to go through politics. There’s nothing wrong with explaining yourself to voters in forums like debates or at least mentioning your opponent by name.

With Primary Day approaching tomorrow, it’s time for both Andrew Cuomo and Kathy Hochul to stay after school.