Here is FairTest’s weekly roundup of resistance to test mania:

This week’s biggest assessment reform news was the vote to “opt out” of state-mandated standardized exams by the Lee County, Florida School Board. Though that was the most dramatic action so far this school year, we are seeing more and more local officials across the nation speaking out against testing overkill. As grassroots activists, educators, and experts ratchet up the pressure, expect more politicians to join the chorus of Americans saying, “Enough is enough!”

Colorado Education Leaders Question Standardized Testing Fixation

Florida District Sets Precedent by Voting to “Opt Out” of Standardized Testing

Lee County Schools Opt-Out Action is First Real Public Stand

In MIami-Dade Schools, the Testing Never Ends

Taking It Beyond Testing: Minnesota Think Tank Report on School Funding Priorities

Mississippi County Superintendents Says Test Scores Are “Meaningless” and “Useless”

Keep New Jersey Test Scores in Proper Context

New York City Mayor Pledges to Scrap Test-Only Selective High School Admissiosn

New Mexico Students Decry Say Standardized Test Pressure Undercuts Learning

Oklahoma Will Not Use Scores From Failed McGraw-Hill Writing Exam

Texas Tests Are Developmentally Inappropriate; Scores Are Politically Manipulated — Great Letters to the Editor

Vermont Stands Up to Testing, Respects Students, Parents and Teachers

Washington State Educators Have a Message for Arne Duncan

Student Test Scores Do Not Drive National Economic Performance:

Click to access Test-Scores-Economic-Performance-Aug-14.pdf

Teachers of Affluent Students Get Highest Evaluations

Common Core Testing Group Shortens English/Language Arts Assessment

A Question for Arne Duncan: Who is Really “Sucking Air” Out of Education?

Test-Optional College Admissions Movement Takes Off

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