Parents, educators, students and activists in many communities are using the “quiet” summer months to plan campaigns that will build the assessment reform movement’s power once schools reopen. Across the country, more and more media outlets are reporting on the impact grassroots organizing already has made on policy-makers.

Remember that archived issues of these weekly updates are online at — a quick review of the clips demonstrates how much progress Testing Resistance & Reform Spring made this year.

How California Can Drive Reform With Better Instruction Not More Testing

Connecticut Professor: We’re Teaching to the Test, Not for Students’ Futures,0,7046183.column

Florida Schools Need “Recess” From Test-Driven Evaluation

FairTest Challenges New Florida Test-Based Scholarship Program as Race, Gender Biased

Louisiana Schools Stare Into Common Core Testing Abyss

A “Test” for New Jersey Governor’s Standardized Exam Study Commission

New Mexicans Test Legislators About Flawed Teacher Evaluation System

New York Teachers Continue “No Confidence” Vote in State Education Commissioner

North Carolina Grade Retention Test Policy Revisions Confuse Parents and Children

Ohio State Auditor to Investigate Charter School Cheating

Oklahoma PTA Plans to Challenge High-Stakes Testing

Repeal of South Carolina Graduation Test Creates Opportunities for Young People

What Can Utah Learn from Finland?

Virginia Educators Appointed to Committee Reviewing State Assessments

Feds Require Washington State to Mislead Parents With Notice That All Schools Are “Failing”

Wisconsin Schools Concerned About Impacts of Common Core Linked Tests

AFT Convention Adopts Resolution Blasting edTPA Teacher Licensing Test

Jeb Bush’s Reading Test Grade Promotion Strategy Loses Ground Nationally

Half of All Kindergarteners Start Off Far Behind Due to Poverty

Movie Review: Stop Standardizing Students for Profit

British Headmaster’s Letter to Students Puts Exam Scores in Context

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