Yesterday, it was revealed by the media that the CEO of one of Connecticut’s charter chains, Michael Sharpe, has a criminal background. Today the story emerged that he does not have a doctorate, although the chain’s website refers to him as “Dr. Sharpe.” Perhaps of greater significance is that his charter school in Hartford did not enroll a single bilingual student in six years. Sharpe says he never claimed to have a doctorate but somehow he was often described as “Dr. Sharpe.”

Says the Hartford Courant:

“HARTFORD — In a New Year’s message last December, the CEO of the Jumoke Academy charter school shared his enthusiastic vision for 2014, signing the letter, “Yours Truly, Dr. Michael Sharpe.”

“Some version of that prestigious academic credential has been attached to Sharpe for the last decade in school materials and biographies, which variously credit him as having a doctorate in education or a Ph.D.

“But on Friday, after the Courant questioned his academic background, Sharpe acknowledged that he never earned a doctoral degree and has erroneously been described as a “doctor.”

“Sharpe, 62, said he began coursework at New York University, but “I did not complete the work. People started calling me doctor while I was in school, and I have always told people, ‘Don’t do it,’ but it catches on and people just keep doing it.”