See this ad in today’s USA Today.


Funny the ad doesn’t mention that the highest performing states in the U.S. on the NAEP are Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Connecticut, all of which have strong unions.


Or that the states at the bottom of the NAEP ratings do not have strong unions (or, in some states), none at all.


The ad was underwritten by the deceptively named “Center for Union Facts,” which last year ran a full-page ad in the New York Times blaming the AFT and Randi Weingarten for our international test scores.



I responded at that time by describing my encounter with the Center for Union Facts as an organization that exists to bash unions but has no knowledge about American or international education.


At that time, the Center for Union Facts was exposed by Mercedes Schneider as a front for anti-union corporate groups.


When facts don’t matter, when lies are presented as facts, discussion is impossible.