Carol Burris eloquently explains why she will vote for Anybody But Cuomo.

She remembers when Democrats fought for good public schools for all.

She remembers when Democrats saw funding public schools as a civic obligation, not as “throwing money at the problem.”

She wants a governor who believes in public schools, and that is not Andrew Cuomo.

She writes:

“I stood with one thousand others on a Wednesday evening outside the recent Democratic Convention. The chant of the crowd was clear—ABC—Anybody but Cuomo. There was a hunger in the crowd for a candidate who will respect the work of teachers. There was hunger for someone who will respect the pleas from parents to roll back testing and the Common Core. There was hunger for someone who instead of claiming he will be the “student lobbyist” will actually stand up for all children, by equitably funding their schools rather than cutting taxes on millionaires. Words and commissions are not enough. A change in direction is what is needed.

“Now is the time to courageously stand and say we will not be bullied by the fear posed by false choices. The Working Families Party must put forth a candidate who respects its ideals if it is to have credibility and voice. I want to be able to respond to the question, “Where will you go?” with an answer. I want that answer to be, “I will go to the WFP who believes in our public schools.”

“If you feel the same, contact the Working Family Party today. Email director Bill Lipton at

“Let him know that you too want an alternative to Andrew Cuomo, too!”