The 2013-2014 school year may be winding down but Testing Resistance & Reform Spring actions activity continues to accelerate. Remember that back issues of these weekly news summaries are archived at

Local Delaware School Board Pursues Opt-Out Policy

Florida Kindergarten and First Grade Teachers Question Standardized Testing Plan
Graduation Test Trips Up Most Florida English Language Learners

Teaching and Learning Corrupted by Georgia End of Course Tests

Kansas Investigates Test Score Validity After Computer Administration Problems

“Test Score Gate” in Louisiana

One-Shot Tests Fail Maine Students

Massachusetts School Rankings Beget Fuzzy Math

Minnesota Parents Resist Test Misuse and Overuse

Missouri Uses Flawed Test Data to Punish Poor, Minority Students

Local New Jersey School Board Joins National Testing Protest

Some New Mexico Teachers Burn Their Test-Based Evaluations

Many New York State School Districts Boycott Pearson Field Tests
New Yorkers Rally Against Test-Driven Privatization

North Carolina Warns Schools About Problems With Online Tests
Families Launch North Carolina Opt-Out Movement

Oklahoma Legislators Override Governor’s Veto to Allow Alternatives to Third Grade Promotion Test

Limits on Testing Will Save Pennsylvania Schools Millions

Providence School Board Supports Waivers to Rhode Island Grad-Test Requirement

Unlikely Tennessee Allies Unite to Fight Test-Driven School Changes

Texas Superintendents Push Back Against Test-Driven Education
Time to Dump Texas’ Testing System and Find a Better Way to Assess

Roanoke, Virginia Parents Rally Against State-Mandated Exams

New Documentary Chronicles Teacher Boycott of Washington State Tests

Require Parents to “Opt In” Before Their Children Can Be Tested

Way Past Time to Overhaul NCLB, “One of the Most Poorly Constructed Laws of Its Time”

Let’s Stop Measuring Fish By How Well They Climb Trees

Test-Based Grade Retention Does Not Help Kids

Common Core Testing Landscape Fragments

Portfolios Are Next Wave of Student Assessment

Lawyers Run the Legal Profession, Doctors Run Medicine, Why Don’t Teachers Run Education?

The Lighter Side of Teacher Evaluation

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