Speaking on Morning Joe (MSNBC), Lawrence Kudlow complained that the average teacher makes $120,000. This is not true. The national average is about $56,000.

This teacher in Utah earns far less.

He/she writes:

“Every year since 2008 in my district in Utah, I have had more students with DECREASING salary. Because of the lack of will of the legislature to properly fund education, contract days have been cut almost yearly. We now have 184 contract days instead of the 188 we had five years ago, even though the work load has increased, meaning that I spend MUCH more time in preparation and planning than I used to. I now have 260 students in 8th and 9th grade geography and history, and will probably have closer to 275 next year. We just learned two days ago that my district is freezing step increases for the second time in five years. I am just finishing my 13th year of teaching, with 60 additional quarter credit hours, and I make about $40,000 a year. As I start on my 14th year, I will STILL be on step 12, meaning I have to teach at least two more years before I can retire, if I ever CAN retire. On top of that, the district has told us this year that it is “our fault” when students have failing grades, meaning that I spend far more time in email and phone correspondence with parents than ever before.

“I’d like to challenge this blowhard to try my job for a couple of weeks.”