The following report comes from FairTest, which keeps track of news about testing a Ross the nation and advocates for sensible testing policies:

This week’s stories about test protest and reform activities — as well as a few victories — come from more than a third of the states, as the movement continues to spread, intensify and gain more clout.

Four Reasons Why Alabama Parents Want to Opt Their Kids Out of Tests

Colorado Testing Fight Nears Boiling Point
Colorado Teachers Union Joins Fight for High-Stakes Moratorium

Connecticut Mom Says: Let’s Ditch Those Tests and Let Teachers Teach,0,2684706.story
Growing Debate Over Connecticut Opt-Out Policies

Florida School Stops Serving Kids High-Sugar, Caffeinated Drinks Before High-Stakes Tests
There’s Still Time for an Assessment Reform Pause

Georgia Family Wins Opt-Out Fight With School District
Standardized Tests Are Not Useful Tools for Georgia Parents, Students,Teachers or Schools

Excellent Parents’ Group Testimony to Illinois Legislature

Computer Problems Disrupt Indiana Practice Tests

Minnesota Parent: I Am Middle Class, My Kids Test Well, and I Opt Out for Better Learning
South High Leads Way for Minnesota Test Protests

Nebraska Parents Begin Joining National Movement to Say “No” to Test Overkill

Time for New Jersey to Fight Back Against Standardized Testing

New York City Activists Rally Against High-Stakes Testing
Why New York’s Common Core Tests Are So Bad
Louis C.K. Blasts Common Core Testing in New York: “Massive Stressball That Hangs Over the Whole School”
No Place for Poetry on New York’s Common Core Exams
AFT Asks Pearson to Lift “Gag Order” on NY Teachers Talking About Tests

More Oklahoma Parents Opting Out of Standardized Exams
Profile in Courage: Oklahoma Fights to Exempt Students Whose Parents Were Killed in a Car Crash From State Testing

Pennsylvania Testing Forum Looks for Better Ways to Assess

Students Put Providence, R.I. Mayoral Candidates on the Record Against Graduation Test

Tennessee Rolls Back Test-Based Teacher Evaluation Policy
More Tennessee Families Opt Out as Testing Drives Students to Tears

Why Texas Legislators Should Take the Same Tests They Require for Students
New Texas Law Limits Standardized Exams But Not Test Prep

Utah Educators Deal Delicately With Opt-Out Requests

Widespread Problems Disrupt Computerized Tests . . . . Just As Predicted

The Crazy Way Common Core Test Cut Scores Are Set

Canadian Perspective on U.S. — Forget Test Scores: Fight Poverty

What Does the SAT Measure: “Aptitude,” “Achievement,” or Anything At All?

New Resource: “Politics Aside: Our Children and Their Teachers in Score Driven Times”

Parody Song: “I Write the Tests That Make the Whole World Fail”

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