We hear the same refrain across the nation: public sector pensions are destroying our economy. The modest pensions paid to teachers, police officers, firefighters, and social workers are a threat to our future.

Matt Taibbi examined these claims in this article in Rolling Stone. Read it and weep or rage or get active to stop the zillionaire’s from looting the hard-earned pensions of public sector employees.

Read David Sirota’s report “The Plot Against Pensions.”

Read David Sirota’s exposé of the PBS deal to take $3.5 million from Arnold for a series about the “pension crisis.”

Read about PBS’ decision to return Arnold’s money.

Read about David Sirota’s discovery that the Arnold Foundation underwrote a Brookings report on public pensions.

The puzzle: why would a multi-billionaire devote so much effort to stripping people of modest pensions that they earned for working 25-30 or more years? What is it that he finds so troubling about a man or woman receiving $40,000, 50,000, or 60,000 a year in retirement? Would he prefer penury for pensioners?