A comment by a reader:

We are parents of 3 children in MA.

Since March 5th when I joined 6 moms from my town to attend a Northboro forum to hear Sandra Stotsky & Jamie Gass (www. pioneerinstitute.org), we have been learning everything we can about PARCC/CCSS.

On Feb 24, we learned our 3rd grader “won” the PARCC ELA lottery “mandating” 5 additional days of research of “test the test” research. Here was my letter to her principal today – .

This is our formal notice requesting that our daughter not participate in the upcoming PARCC Pilot ELA assessment on April 1-3.

We have every intent to send our child to school – and more than willing to work with you and XYZ teacher. Our preference is to send her as usual to school on the bus. Please advise otherwise.

This is neither an easy or welcomed position to take as a parent.

Please know this decision has been made only after extensive reading, attendance at the district PARCC Pilot info session and finally, attendance at the DESE’s regional PARCC meeting with Bob Bickerton at Framingham State on Tuesday night.


It is unfortunate the DESE and Commissioner Chester have effectively ABANDONED administrators and teachers – and most importantly, OUR KIDS, with their much delayed response to the numerous requests calling for a formal “Opt Out” provision from districts and parents across our state.

Thanks in advance for your support of our decision.

This afternoon we received a response honoring this request.