EduShyster went to the first national conference of the Network for Public Education, and it reminded her of the Biblical story of David and Goliath.

Our Goliath is the giant billionaire who only talks to people who agree with him. When he first encounters puny David, his first thought is, “Who is paying him? Must be the teachers’ union.” Goliath loves money so much that he cannot imagine anyone who is not motivated by money. He can’t understand–he cannot even imagine–that 400 parents, educators, students, academics, and concerned supporters of public education met in Austin and paid their own way! No corporate sponsorship! No union subsidy! Just people who wanted to be there because they are passionate about keeping Goliath’s hands off their school.

EduShyster’s sister, a teacher in Illinois who has watched Goliath swing his axe at her school, wrote a comment that appears in the post. She left the conference excited to know she is not alone. She has many allies. They are everywhere. Her allies have slingshots. And they are not afraid.

Tremble, Goliath. You too will fall. For all your bluster and money, you are hurting kids. Even though you own the U.S. Department of Education, you will not prevail. You will not prevail because your “reforms” not only hurt kids, they hurt teachers. They don’t make education better. They damage communities. Everything you do fails. You are a loser. Got that? A loser.