Emma Gulley is a student at one of America’s finest colleges, Bryn Mawr.

She was intrigued by the mystique of Teach for America, and she agreed to represent TFA on campus.

But the more she worked for them, the more she realized that she was not fulfilling her dream of “giving back” and “social justice,” but servicing a powerful and ambitious organization.

This is the story of her disillusionment. It appeared on Gary Rubinstein’s blog.

She writes:

“I was introduced to TFA as a college freshman, I interned for them for two years, and, had they had it “their way,” I would have interned for them for another year before teaching for two years and then being hired as a recruitment manager. The cycle from recruited to recruiter would be complete. I do feel that I was briefly inducted into a cult, and escaped to tell the tale, which is more than I can say for any other CCC I have ever met.”