A reader in Chicago passed only a YouTube video of what might laughingly be called “professional development” in Chicago, sponsored by the Chicago Public Schools.

Grown men and women chant in unison the very words of the “staff developer.”

I can’t believe the school system pays for such foolishness, nor that it subjects teachers–who went to college and in most cases have earned advanced degrees–to such inane practices.

CPS should demand its money back and buy art supplies.



I love how she has them chant “By choosing…Flexibly…From a range of strategies..”
The irony literally jumps the shark at that moment. No one in that room was choosing flexibly.
Was this being done as an example of how to do the worst professional development ever?

I hope the person who hired these people will be fired immediately.

Is it the intention of CPS to turn its staff of teachers into chanting robots?

This just boggles the mind.