A reader sends this comment:

“It is starting in Illinois with the PARCC fled tests coming next month . Technology coordinators and classroom teachers have been trying the online sample field test questions and are appalled at how developmentally inappropriate the tasks and questions are for eight, nine, and ten year olds. I am all for rigor. Ask my students and their parents. Rigor does not mean developmentally appropriate.

“One ELA test can be as long as 120 minutes with only one three minute break allowed. During that break the students may not communicate with each other. They are nine and taking a test that for some will take 120 minutes and others will finish early and sit for 120 minutes. This is outrageous!

“Plus, all staff members involved will sign a one page Security Agreement. If you are found in violation of it, you may lose you license. The manual and agreement state that you must have your full attention on the testing environment. The manual states that the proctor may not read, grade papers, check email, etc. while the 120 minute test is being taken. So you will just stare at you students while they struggle through the nightmare.

“This must be stopped!”