Please help this great group of students crowd-source a national convening of student leaders to fight false reforms.

I first learned about its spokesperson Hannah Nguyen when she challenged Michelle Rhee. I subsequently met Hannah and gave her a hug when I visited Occidental College in Los Angeles last fall.

Hannah and her allies must raise $2,000 by February 15. I sent a donation. Send whatever you can: $5, $10, $25, $50, $100.

The EmpowerED 2014 conference now has a website where you can find all the information you need:

This is a statement from the organizers:

Students all over the country, from Portland to Philadelphia, are tired of feeling powerless and unheard when it comes to decisions that affect their education. That’s why they’ve begun to form student unions and fight back against threats to their educational rights. From massive walkouts and sit-ins to creative street theater and flash mobs, these students are demanding that their voices be heard.

EmpowerED 2014 will be the first event ever to engage a student community in a conversation about their education. It is a conference designed for students by students. The conversation will be initiated by a handpicked team of student leaders from Chicago, Newark, Portland, Providence, and Baltimore, who will share incredible stories of how they have elevated student voice and fought for educational justice in their communities. The students in attendance will then have the chance to work with the student organizers in workshops to build organizing skills, share their ideas for education, and collaborate on developing a student power movement in their Los Angeles.

Here is the link to the crowdfunding campaign once again:

We are still $2000 short of our goal, so we need all the support we can get at this point! Once again, the majority of the funds will go directly to the student organizers’ travel to LA, and the rest will be for conference materials such as food, printing, workshop supplies, etc…

If you teach in the Los Angeles area, please tell students about the conference! It will be a wonderful event where students will have a voice and be given a space to collaborate on building a local student power movement. The conference is entirely student-run and led by students for students in the LA community.

Thank you so much for your time and support.

Peace and power,

Hannah Nguyen