Even as the Néw York Board of Regents made minor tweaks to the Common Core standards and testing, a poll by News 12, Long Island’s only TV news station, showed simmering anti – Common Core sentiment in this crucial suburban area.

8% say Delay It
86% say Eliminate It
6% say Leave It Alone

Long Island has been a hotbed of anti-Common Core activism.

A special committee of the Regents reviewed the botched implementation.

The committee proposed asking the original writers of the standards to review them, instead of assembling Néw York’s best teachers to do a review.

Very odd recommendation. The National Governors Association, the Council of Chief State School Officers, and Student Achievement Partners wrote the standards. Why would the Refents expect these inside-the-beltway, Gates-funded groups to know how to fix them?

Why not trust the state’s practitioners who know the students and know how to improve the standards?