Joseph Featherstone has been writing about education for decades. He was a progressive back when I was infatuated with accountability and other useless ideas.

In the current issue of the Nation, Featherstone has an interesting and provocative review of my latest book “Reign of Error.”

What was especially gratifying to me is that he understands the dangers of privatization, he sees the larger context of what is happening in our society, and he recognizes the importance of building a movement to reclaim the promise of American public education.

He asks the crucial question: Once the phony reformers have moved on to some other hobby, once they recognize that they have wasted their time and the nation’s money, once they realize that their efforts to demolish the teaching profession is harming children and our society, what then? How will we improve our schools? How can we get the schools we want and the schools our children need?

What comes after freedom from oppression?

That’s a great question, and I hope readers will comment.

I have my ideas but I need to hear from the experienced readers and teachers and parents and students who read this blog.