Elected officials in NY are debating the cost of universal pre-K.

It was a central plank in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s campaign. He won in a landslide.

He wants to pay for it by a tiny tax increase on incomes over $500,000. This would add about $1,000 a year in new taxes, less than dinner for 2 at Per Se or other high-end restaurants of 1%.

Yet the pushback and debate about cost continues. See here.
And here. Everyone thinks it is a good idea, but no new taxes. That is the view of Governor Cuomo, who likes to be seen as a fiscal, pro-business, pro-corporate conservative.

However, let it be noted, It is good for business to have healthy, ready to learn children.

According to a survey published by The Economist, the US ranks 34th of 145 nations in supplying high quality child care.

Other nations recognize the long-term value of early childhood education, which grows more important as both parents work.

Yet we debate whether we can afford to do what research and experience demonstrate is good for children and for society.

When we went to war in Iraq and Adghanistan, did anyone worry about the billions and trillions it would cost? We made a bad bet.

Why not invest in our children? That’s a sure bet, and we can afford it.