After a long hiatus, recovering from travel-related deep vein thrombosis (blood clots in the legs), I started my traveling again this week. (My trip to Chicago last week to speak to MLA didn’t count, but I can’t recall why. Arbitrary.)

I am speaking at the University of Florida in Gainesville on Wednesday at 7 pm.

The plan was to fly to Gainesville on Wednesday morning, via Atlanta.

But life does not always work according to schedule.

On Monday morning, I got a robo-call from Delta informing me that my Wednesday flight had been canceled. A major snowstorm was on its way to New York City, would arrive Tuesday morning, and would dump 8-12″ of snow.

My travel agent booked a flight out on Tuesday at 10, changing in Charlotte, NC. A quick transfer, with only 45 minutes between flights.

By the time I boarded my NYC flight, the snow was coming down fast. We were an hour late taking off, as the plane had to be de-iced. Missed the connection. Next flight out of Charlotte to Gainesville at 6 pm. Had good NC BBQ for lunch.

So here I am in the Charlotte airport. Wishing I had landed in Raleigh so I could go join Moral Monday, maybe have the honor of being arrested with good people living Martin Luther King’s dream. But then I would miss the other flight and be even later to Gainesville.

Forgive the rambling, but I felt like talking to friends and I just remembered why I avoid connecting flights and hope never to take one again.