In an astonishing piece of journalism, Jersey Jazzman nails the Star-Ledger of New Jersey for its arrogant editorial putdown of local residents and elected officials in Newark who dare to disagree with Cami Anderson, their Broad-trained and unelected education leader. Why, they are being “shrill and unreasonable” for resisting corporate-style reforms. The subtext: the locals are black, and the idea that they might actually govern their own schools is unthinkable.

In a tour de force, JJ quotes former Star-Ledger columnist Bob Braun, who takes his former employer to task.

He writes:

Luckily for us, Santa brought an early present: a response to this idiotic editorial in the form of a post from former S-L journalist Bob Braun:

Those who criticize the plan are “shrill” and they “shriek”–how is that for subtly racist comments? Not unlike calling ambitious women “pushy.” These were elected officials who spoke out Friday–members of the council, a member and the speaker of the New Jersey Assembly. That they were men and women of color, representing a predominantly minority community, doesn’t make their passion “shrill” or “shrieking.” It means they care about the city where few editorial employees live.
How dare a newspaper that has put its Newark property up for sale tell city residents how to live? When is the last time it told the residents of Millburn and Westfield they have enough income and should volunteer to pay higher income taxes? When is the last time it told communities in Somerset and Hunterdon counties that they should change their zoning practices to allow low- and middle-income residents? When is the last time it told Essex County and Union County that they have too many school districts and should consolidate into income-and racially–integrated unified systems?

Ooo, pick me, pick me! The answer: never.

Read Braun’s entire post, which is dead-on. The truth is that the “reforms” Anderson proposes have never worked and will not work. They are, in reality, an abdication of responsibility on the part of the state, which has utterly failed to do its job over the last two decades of state control and provide Newark’s beautiful, deserving children with schools that are worthy of them.