Paul Thomas taught high school for nearly two decades befor he became a professor at Furman University in South Carolina. He understands the dilemma of teachers caught between Scylla and Charydis, now known as a rock and a hard place. The dilemma arises when federal and state mandates require teachers to act in ways that violate their professional ethics. Thomas has specific advice to help teachers navigate the rough waters created by unethical, unprofessional demands.

What I have often said to teachers, echoing what Thomas advises, is to comply if you must but hold on to your values. Stay true to what you know is right for your students and have faith that this dark night of test abuse, child abuse, and teacher abuse will end, as it must. It will end because it is fruitless and punitive and antithetical to true education. Become a BAT if you dare.. Join the Network for Public Education. Do not jeopardize your livelihood but find allies and do what you can to hasten the day when reason, evidence, and professionalism are once again ascendant in education.