A question from a reader:

Hi Ms. Ravitch,

As a young person (about to finish undergrad) interested in potentially becoming a teacher but with a lack of formal educational training, I’m wondering if you might have some recommendations for me, for strong fellowship/teacher-training programs.

TFA doesn’t seem to provide enough support to its teachers (and in so doing, to the students they teach). Working for a huge corporately-run charter school (even if it does provide more support than TFA would for newbies) doesn’t seem fair either, particularly when it takes up building space, doesn’t train a culturally-sensitive or critical-thinking approach to teaching, and siphons money away from public schools. Trying NYC Teaching Fellows looks like it might also be a bust, for lots of the same reasons that TFA is. Is there ANYWHERE I can go with little prior formal teaching education to get a fair, supportive, and well-structured start to a future teaching career, or should I just go back to school?

Thanks for your advice,