Plunderbund is a blogger in Ohio whose mission is to speak truth to power.

In this instance, he points out that Governor Kasich and the majority of the members of House Education Committee either have no children or send their children to non-public schools. Thus, they are quite willing to tie the public schools up in knots because it does not affect their own children.

“Currently, students in Ohio’s public schools are required to test a minimum of 20 times throughout their 13 years (K-12). Meanwhile, students in the private schools (including Catholic schools) are only required to take the Ohio Graduation Tests when they are in high school. The public schools have the burden of engaging children when they are 8 or 9 years old in third grade in the process of high-stakes testing when they take the 3rd grade reading test in October and again in April along with the math assessment. These children then take the reading and math tests again every year through 8th grade in addition to science tests in grades 5 and 8.

The results of these 15 standardized tests between grades 3 and 8 are used to grade and criticize the performance of the students, the schools, and the teachers in Ohio’s public schools while the private schools coast along unscathed by the watchful eye of the state and the media. In Ohio, there are currently over 440 nonpublic schools serving over 175,000 children that are completely exempt from Ohio’s rigid standardized testing program.

It’s not an accident — it’s precisely the way the laws are (and aren’t) being drawn up and passed by Ohio’s Republican majority.”

With the adoption of the Common Core, students in the public schools will take even more tests and the test scores will be even more consequential.