This is a very funny
spoof of federal
education policy. Imagine Arne Duncan
and Roger Goodell, the president of the NFL, calling a joint press
conference to announce a new program called Race to the End Zone.
Imagine an agreement that all teams will use the same plays. Now
the NFL will have no failing teams! “We in the NFL love the Common
Core Curriculum that Mr. Duncan is pushing on schools here in D. C.
and in forty-five states,” Goodell continued. “Just as he believes
Common Core Curriculum can save the schools, we believe a Common
Core Playbook will save our struggling teams. Beginning with the
2013 season every coach and every team will use the same playbook.”
The press corps grumbles: “An MSNBC reporter shouted from the fifth
row: “Do you truly believe if all teams run the same plays they’ll
all have the same success?” “Of course,” Mr. Duncan interjected.
“It’s going to work in education, too. I promise. And I went to
Harvard. So you have to listen to me.”