In this post, Mercedes Schneider reviews the IRS documents for Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy charter chain and concludes that they can afford to pay the city rent.

The post begins like this:

Since 2006, Eva Moskowitz has been running a small charter empire that has at least $50 million in assets and the support of hedge fund millionaires. Why is it, then, that her Success Academies have never paid a dime in rent for the public school space occupied by her charter schools?

Recently-elected New York Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to put an end to the rent-free usage of public school space by charter schools.

Moskowitz’s response?

She closed her 22 schools on October 8, 2013, so that her students could “volunteer” to protest.

Public schools do not close in order to have public school students engage in protests– and this protest coincided with the political agenda of Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota, who just happened to attend.

Public schools don’t pay rent. But public schools are not allowed to close for political marches in support of their founder.

Schneider concludes that the Success Academy charters are not public schools. They can afford to pay rent or lease their own space.