Arne Duncan often says that our education system must compete with other those of other nations, and President Obama says that we must raise our college graduation rate to first in the world by 2020. But this reader (Reteach for America) disagrees. He or she might have added this recent article about unemployment among college graduates in Europe.


It’s not a matter of educating Arne. It’s been all over the mainstream media for years now that there is a glut of people with college degrees and a lack of decent paying jobs for them, including in:

The US: “millions of college graduates over all—not just recent ones—suffer a mismatch between education and employment, holding jobs that don’t require a costly college degree.”

China: “China’s Graduates Face Glut Mismatch Between Their Skills, Job Market’s Needs Results in Underemployment”

South Korea: “Education in South Korea Glutted with graduates”

and “India Graduates Millions, but Too Few Are Fit to Hire”

(Heads Up Arne: Singapore is a city-state, not a country.)

People like me have sent a lot of links to those reports to Duncan and Obama, so that they cannot claim they didn’t know. It’s just planned ignoring.

Our country needs to stop talking about a bogus competition with other nations and cease the “college for all” mantra and focus on providing decent paying jobs for our own workers, including all the underemployed college graduates right here at home.