Arkansas is the home of the Walton Family Foundation, which gives heavy support to charters and Small change to local public schools. But even in Arkansas, there is local pushback.

The North Little Rock School District turned down a charter application from the Capitol City Lighthouse Charter School, in North Little Rock.

“North Little Rock officials said the school wouldn’t meet a need not already being met in North Little Rock. They noted the school proposed to locate in a neighborhood already served by achieving schools. They said North Little Rock schools were outperforming schools operated by the same organization in Pine Bluff and Jacksonville.

“There’s no education need for this charter school in North Little Rock,” said Beth Stewart, the assistant superintendent in North Little Rock. The panel voted 5-1 to deny the application.

“North Little Rock said Lighthouse’s application was virtually identical to applications made elsewhere, hardly a sign of “innovation.” The petition for the school also included the signature of a North Little Rock school official who said she had not signed the petition. Stewart raised questions about service for disabled students and poor students who can’t provide transportation to the school. Dennis Glasgow of the Little Rock Schiool District said the Little Rock Board also opposed the application…..”

“Also today, the Springdale School District will oppose an application for another open enrollment charter school, the Ozark College and Career Academy.”