TeacherKen, aka Kenneth Bernstein, posted this statement by a parent on his blog at the Daily Kos.

Arne Duncan unleashed a firestorm when he asserted that parent opposition to Common Core testing stemmed from the disappointment felt by “white suburban mothers” when they found out that their child was really not brilliant and that their public school was not so good after all.

The mother who wrote this post was told again and again that her child was not brilliant. She fought for him. He prevailed. She doesn’t want him or other children to be judged by Arne Duncan’s “rigorous” standards.

It is hard to unpack exactly what Duncan had in mind when he spoke disparagingly of America’s children, their teachers, and their schools.. He seems to think that American children have too high an opinion of themselves and he thinks most of them need to be brought down a few pegs. And he has a very low opinion of most public schools.

I wonder what kind of a coach Duncan would be. Would he tell the players day after day that they are terrible and consider that he was providing leadership?