Fred Smith is an experienced testing expert who now advises a group called “Change the Stakes,” in opposing high-stakes testing. He was invited to testify before a committee of the New York State Senate about the woeful recent history of state testing. The scores went up, up, up until 2010, when the state admitted that the previous dramatic gains were illusory, a consequence of artful adjustments of the “cut score” (passing rate). Then the scores began to rise again, until this past year’s Common Core tests, when the state scores fell deep into the basement, and three quarters of the state’s children were marked as failures.

As Smith quite clearly describes, testing has become a political game that hurts children.

Please read through his testimony, linked at the bottom of the page.

He wrote this to me:

This is my statement to the NYS Senate Education Hearing on October 29th –an umbrella for testimony concerning common core, its assessment and how to protect data privacy from data piracy. It includes data and findings that I have developed since 2006 pertinent to the New York State Testing Program that expose the 2013 core-aligned ELA and math tests analytically, as failed unreliable instruments incapable of serving as a baseline or foundation. It raises issues about the efficacy and ethics of stand-alone field testing procedures which SED and Pearson will continue to follow until they are stopped.
It appeared on Senator John Flanagan’s web page: hhtp:// which gave links to the testimony of other invited speakers and provided a video of the hearing. Here’s mine: