A reader sent this comment:


My daughter just started teaching in a Missouri School District known for being a very good school district. She is 2 months in and wants out. Paperwork, test goals IEPs, etc have made her an emotional wreck. If she quits in this state, her license is revoked. It makes me sick. She was so excited to begin teaching, but now she just wants out. And I have to say I can’t blame her. I want her happy and this job is killing her. She said she will use her abilities to help special needs children in a career other than teaching. I am behind her 100% Teaching has changed so much. I taught a special ed. class and was actually able to teach. My daughter feels she is not helping the kids as much as she would like to. Too much other stuff is getting in the way. I would rather her quit now than in a few years. I am just so disappointed in the government and the expectations that they have placed on teachers. They need to spend time in the classroom and see what they have done to good teachers,