More than 20 school districts in the Lower Hudson Valley region have announced that they are dropping out of New York state’s Race to the Top, due to concerns about student privacy.

“Officials say there is no way to know how the data, which identifies students and includes disciplinary and health records, will be used in the future. They say they are concerned about colleges and employers seeking childhood records, the involvement of private interests like Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp in inBloom, and a state document that outlined plans for various agencies to share information for an individual’s “lifetime.”

“This is a watershed moment,” Pleasantville Superintendent Mary Fox-Alter said. “We are seeing distrust breed among parents.”

The state Education Department has started sending general information to inBloom and is scheduled to begin uploading student information this winter.

More than 20 districts in the Lower Hudson Valley have pulled out of New York’s participation in the federal Race to the Top initiative, hoping that doing so will allow them to withhold certain data. Since the state has said that this strategy will not work, districts are now writing to inBloom directly and requesting that their student records be deleted.

The superintendents drafted a model letter to inBloom asking to withdraw their student data. Their spokesman said that if inBloom refused, they would consider other strategies.