The following comment came in response to a post about what is happening to early childhood education, about the federal government’s demand that children in kindergarten be tested to see if they are on track to be college-and-career ready in compliance with the Common Core:


Dear All, I just read this op ed and ALL the comments! With all we know (research-based, data rich science) about child development and how children at this age learn, how can we allow this to happen? Why are top officials ignoring this research and data? I am so sick of opinion (the basis of CCSS) overruling scientific evidence about how young children learn. One goal of education is to love learning. NCLB and now CCSS are molding children into haters of education who lack the executive functioning skills (developed in play) that will help them succeed in life! No other profession would allow this kind of malpractice. We are doing harm to children. We must protest before we lose another generation of children to stupidity in the form of the Common Core!