Mark Zuckerberg dropped $100 million into Newark, which is being used to open more charter schools and facilitate the privatization of public education in that impoverished district. If there is one lesson we have learned from charter schools in New Jersey, it is that privatization works best when the charters are free to exclude students who might get low test scores and to kick out those who can’t get those high test scores. In other words, the Zuckerberg money will be used to establish a form dual school system–one for the achievers, and the other as a dumping ground.

But wait! There is a real need for Zuckerberg’s millions in New Jersey.

A photo exhibit just opened outside the New Jersey State House, showing schools in urban districts that are in terrible physical condition.

“Students at New Jersey’s most resource-starved public schools walk down hallways covered in mold, take tests in asbestos-filled classrooms and trod across floors peppered with rodent droppings. And when these students visit different districts for sports matches or debate club meets, the inequalities are thrown into sharp relief as the students come face-to-face with the basic cleanliness and safety offered by a majority of the state’s educational institutions.

Last Wednesday, a powerful photo exhibit stationed in front of the New Jersey State House displayed the ugly truth hiding inside some of the state’s most dilapidated schools, many of them located in urban areas. Titled “A Blind Eye: The Immorality Of Inaction” and organized by public school advocates at the New Jersey Healthy Schools Now coalition, the exhibit took place in protest of Republican Gov. Chris Christie’s administration, which state education advocates say has displayed a lack of commitment to the area’s most vulnerable students.”

Governor Christie halted all spending on repairs in these schools. He says the money has run out, so children should continue to go to schools in unhealthy conditions. His critics say the money has not run out, but that Governor Christie doesn’t want to change the conditions for the students or teachers in these schools.

Mark Zuckerberg! You could fix these buildings! You could repair the buildings that Governor Christie refuses to repair.

Here is a wonderful use of your millions! Think of the thousands of needy children who will thank you for changing their lives for the better.

Or you could continue to build a dual school system in Newark.

Please do the right thing. Spend your money where it is truly needed and will make a huge difference.