If you live in New Jersey, you are probably stuck with Chris Christie, whose education policies are disastrous for the state. He trashes his state’s teachers and public schools at every opportunity, even though New Jersey has the second highest scores on the federal tests called NAEP, behind only Massachusetts. He seems to have a visceral dislike bordering on hatred for the state’s public schools, even though he went to public schools.

Since he is sure to continue his relentless campaign to privatize public education and demoralize its teachers and administrators, that’s all the more reason you should vote for Marie Corfield. She is a teacher, a parent, and a fighter for good public schools.

Read Jersey Jazzman. He will give you many more reasons to vote for Marie Corfield.

She was endorsed by the Network for Public Education, which recognized her as a true friend of public education.

She will be strong and independent.
Send her a contribution if you can.