Yesterday was  my third appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (2003, 2010, 2013). I love being on his show because he is not only funny but a truly kind and decent person. He always comes in for a friendly chat before the interview, to make  a personal connection. He is real. I gave him a pair of green laces for his sneakers (they came from a group called “Lace to the Top,” and I explained that I was wearing “red-for-ed.” Last night I met his new dog Dipper. Dipper is a pit bull with only three legs. He is a rescue dog. Unlike the bad reputation that pit bulls have, he is a sweetheart. But it says something about Jon that he would adopt this dog that no one else wanted.

The interview was fun, and I was laughing out loud as I watched the segments that preceded mine. Jon is very upset about the Common Core. A member of his staff has twins; one twin “passed,” the other “failed.” The latter was crushed and cried all day. What a humiliation. For what? But Jon has another source: his mother. At the end of the interview, he leaned over and whispered to me that his mother would let him hear about it for an hour later that night. His mother is a teacher.

Here are the interviews, in two parts:—diane-ravitch-extended-interview-pt–1?xrs=playershare_fb—diane-ravitch-extended-interview-pt–2?xrs=playershare_f