After his fiasco in Poughkeepsie, and his hasty decision to cancel all future public forums, the New York Regents sent John King out on the road again.

His next meeting in Portchester was not the disaster of the Poughkeepsie meeting, For starters, he didn’t lecture the audience for over an hour.

He showed a certain openness to dialogue, though little evidence that anything he heard would change his mind.

He was there to convince parents and educators that he was right about Common Core and high-stakes testing, both of which he advocates.

If he had been listening, he might have backed down and showed some reflection because the audience was clearly not supportive of the Regents’ agenda.

But King and the Regent present engaged in dialogue and will now move on to the next event in the traveling road show.

Opponents of the Regents’ agenda may find that King is doing their work for them in rallying parents and educators against high-stakes testing.