Sue Peters, parent activist, is running for the school board in Seattle.

She has raised $28,289.

Her opponent, Suzanne Dale Estey, has raised over $100,000, plus an independent PAC has raised more than another $100,000 for Estey.

That means that Sue Peters is outspent about 7-1.

Estey has raised more money for her contest than any school board race in the state’s history.

Read the list of Estey’s contributors: it is the same handful of wealthy entrepreneurs who have been pouring big money into election after election in Seattle and in the state of Washington, to promote charters, test-based evaluation, Teach for America, and other failed policies.

Few, if any, of Estey’s donors have children in the Seattle public schools.

Why are the rich buying up school board seats?

In Seattle, is democracy for sale to the highest bidder?