This professor urges her colleagues not to write letters of recommendation for TFA. In this post, she explains why.

Ironically, she is a TFA alum, yet she thinks that TFA has become part of the neoliberal attack on the public sector.

She writes to her colleagues in higher education:

“I encourage each of you to stand with me in refusing to write letters of recommendation for students who are applying to TFA. With this collective action, we can begin to undo some of the damage on the millions of children whose lives are harmed not only by the never-ending cycle of first- and second-year teachers that now populates disadvantaged schools, but also by the militarized, corporate, and data-obsessed approach to education that this army of under-trained, inexperienced teachers enables. Equally importantly, we can communicate to our college students how they will be negatively impacted and possibly even psychologically damaged by this system. Our collective action might eventually cause TFA to have to rethink its insistence that an army of naive and un-trained recent college graduates can form the solution to education inequities in this country.”

There is much, much more about how these idealistic young people are used and misled. Read it.