I can’t begin to summarize the emotional impact of this 4 minute speech by Letitia James, who will soon be the Public Advocate of New York City. She recently won a run-off election to be the #2 ranked official in the city. Her election in November is a foregone conclusion.

As you will see in the video, she is a fierce advocate for public schools and for children with special needs. She is a powerful critic of charter co-locations. If you thought that Karen Lewis of the CTU was a firebrand, wait until you meet Letitia James.

In this 4-minute clip, she roasts Mayor Bloomberg’s compliant “Panel on Education Policy” for having police in the hearing room; for permitting separate-but-equal schools; for co-locating privileged charter schools into buildings with under-resourced public schools. She says, in a fiery tone, get ready for the lawsuits! Save your emails! 77 days to go and it will be a new day in New York City,

As of today, 76 days to go.