A reader writes:

“What I would really like to see is Arnie Duncan in a seventh period class, of whatever subject he could be certified in, implementing his signature policies. Only someone who has never taught in a public school could with a straight face implement race to the top. Should add, it would be a good idea if he took a tests-and-measurement class that might help understand the fundamental problems with ranking teachers, ranking schools, or ranking of any kind. I would add, it is extremely difficult to have an intelligent conversation with someone who lacks a fundamental knowledge of the theories, concepts, principles, of a domain they are in charge of — he is the secretary of education, not the secretary of commerce. Mr. Duncan’s elevation, both in Chicago and then to Washington speaks to how powerless the educational profession is. Our profession has been successfully colonized by business goals, vocabulary, and methods. It will take years, maybe decades to recover from the mess Bush and Obama have generated in our schools.”