Gary Rubinstein has written a wonderful, thoughtful review of “Reign of Error.”

There are many highly quotable observations in his review, I liked this one best, because it goes to the heart of why we educate. If you get that wrong, then you can’t get anything else right.

He writes:

“For me, my favorite section was an eight page chapter, chapter 24, called ‘The Essentials of a Good Education.’ In this section Ravitch writes poetically about what the purpose of school is. In contrast to ‘raising test scores’ the ultimate goal of reformers, this section reminds us that schools is not about beating other countries, but about raising citizens who will one day vote and serve on juries. This chapter which would make Dewey proud and would probably make Michelle Rhee nauseous, really resonated with me. As I was reading it just before beginning my new school year, it really helped me put things back into perspective as I mentally prepare for what I am trying to achieve with my students this year. I expect this eight page section to be excerpted, maybe someplace like Reader’s Digest, and to be widely read and contemplated.”